Roach Infestation

We regularly get calls to solve severe infestations. In this case, this apartment was completely infested with a chronic roach problem.

Hail in Brentwood

Hi Folks, weather is changing regularly in the Bay Area. Just yesterday we had hail in many parts of the bay including Brentwood. Today it’s sunny and almost clear. What does this mean for the pest population? Dramatic changes of weather causes sudden infestations and/or moving a pest colony to a new “dryer” area, which it can turn out to be a home. We are getting already several calls for ants, so don’t wait until it’s too late before you call your exterminator.

Carpet Beetles in Oakland

We were called to eradicate a chronic problem of Carpet Beetles. Customer gets them every year around this time. Upon further inspection we found that the lavae stage of the beetle were feeding off of the natural fiber rug. A combination of two products will get rid of this problem for a long time. If you see them at home, give us a call.

Meal Moths in Discovery Bay

These are common pests in kitchens, pantries and food storage rooms. They can arrive inside food bags in the form of tiny eggs. Once temperature and humidity is right, then they hatch and start growing and multiplying. Go thru all your dry foods and discard any that may seem infested and deep clean your pantry.

Spring Is Here

Spring starts way before the official day. As soon as you see trees blooming with white flowers, you can bet bugs are multiplying quickly.

Inspecting mattress for Bed Bugs

When we inspect for Bed Bugs we don’t leave anything unturned. Bed Bugs can be so small that unless you look closely, you’ll miss a new infestation.

Bed Bugs in San Francisco

Here is a sample of how a bed bug can leave a stain on a mattress after it is crushed.

Bed Bugs in Concord

Here’s a no-no. If you find Bed Bugs in an item from your house, please dispose of it in a way that won’t cause future problems. We were called to do a Bed Bug job in Concord and the residents had taken out their mattress and placed it leaning against the home downstairs. This can cause the Bed Bugs on the mattress to migrate into the home next to the mattress and create a new problem.