Large Wolf Spider in Brentwood

Came across this large Wolf Spider in Brentwood near the new development area. It was stuck in a container. Wolf Spiders carry their babies on their back. This particular spider, with its legs spread out was about 3 inches long. They are not very common but when they show up they are very intimidating because of their size and speed.

Scorpions in Antioch

Was doing a pest control service in Antioch, when I ran across this Scorpion. This is the first time I see Scorpions in Antioch. We have never received calls from Antioch regarding Scorpion problems. It must not be a big problem or it’s just developing. If you live in Antioch close to open fields, keep an eye out for Scorpions.

How to check for Bed Bugs

Inspecting for Bed Bugs can be fairly easy most of the time. You may have seen them crawling in your bed or along the baseboards and that’s enough to be certain. If you don’t know what a Bed Bug looks like, you can google search for images. If you think you need an exterminator, then make sure you point out the areas where you’ve seen the bugs and any other additional information that may be of help.

When the ants go marching in

As we were performing a pest inspection, we came across this large ant colony. If left alone, ants can easily find their way into homes and infest pantries and other rooms.

Pigeon Abatement

A quick report on our pigeon abatement program. We have placed the trap in the video below and have catched 16 birds fairly quickly. Customer is very happy to see the bird population decrease. If you manage a property and are having a problem with pigeons, give us a call.

Varied Carpet Beetle

One of our new customer send us a ziplock bag with a few tiny bugs inside for id. The bugs are the size of a dot from a fine point sharpie. I used an app to maximize the size and better id the insect. It is the larvae stage of a “Varied Carpet Beetle”.

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Canadian Geese in Brentwood

Brentwood is a wonderful city to live in. I was driving on Balfour and made a turn behind ARCO gas station and found this large group of geese. I play Shadow Lakes Golf course regularly and have seen the damage these birds can make to the fairways and greens.

Rodent Inspection

Inspection of a Church for rodent activity. Rats and mice can find any opening available to gain access into the building.


This video shows the evidence bats leave behind. If you have bats roosting somewhere on your house, just leave a light on all nights. The bat will avoid the light and go somewhere else to rest and eat. Keep doing that for a few months every night and the bat will eventually go somewhere else.