Tree Squirrel Trying to get into Antioch Home

I was driving by Antioch and saw this tree squirrel trying to gain access into this home. This is the first time a see a tree squirrel in this part of Antioch. The noises inside an attic from a rat or tree squirrel are very similar. A pest control inspection will determine which of the two is at fault.

Rats & Squirrels in Lafayette

Rats and squirrels can easily gain access into a home when there are access holes in the roof and when there’s vegetation growing along the side of the building. You can prevent rodent problems by cutting down the vegetation and patching all possible access holes. Pictures below illustrate what the vegetation around a home shouldn’t look like.

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Mice Inspection

We were called to do a rodent inspection in San Francisco. This business is a bakery and has been experiencing a chronic mice problem. They’ve had a pest control company try to figure it out but couldn’t. We thoroughly inspected the facility and found this particular spot. Unless you don’t know what you’re looking for it can easily go unnoticed.  For problems with rodents this winter you can give us a call.

Rodent Inspection

A common place for rats to enter attics is thru the roof top, specially the corners that the eaves make with the roof line. You can see in this video that there is an opening inside the eave that shows the inside of the attic. Places like this have to be fixed to put a permanent end to rodent invasions.

Bed Bug Inspection

We are called regularly to do Bed Bug inspections. This particular one had a lot of dead BB everywhere. That is a sign that the infestation is very heavy. BB can hide in different places like behind headboards. If you have a problem with Bed Bugs and want to get rid of them, give us a call.

Got Fleas?

We get requests for flea treatments early in the Spring and Fall. But they are not as popular as years past. This is due to the products available in the market to control these pests. Unless you have neglected your pet for a long time and it’s covered with fleas, then the days of the flea baths are long gone, IMHO.

Now a days we have great products available that WILL rid fleas, ticks and lice from our pet dogs and cats. The most popular are Frontline and Advantage. Of these two, I personally prefer Frontline. The active ingredient Fipronil acts much better than Imidacloprid.

Use these products and say goodbye to all your flea problems.



Roach Inspection in Pittsburg

We were called to inspect a unit in Pittsburg. The tenant downstairs complained of seeing roaches coming down from the ceiling into her place. We entered the unit and found thousands of roaches right away. With the proper sanitation and a few treatments it should be roach free.

Golden Eagle Flying Over Brentwood

This week we spotted a Golden Eagle flying over Brentwood. We see these big birds of prey about once a month over Brentwood. They hunt medium to large prey. Ground Squirrels are often their main diet, but can easily take medium animals like foxes, raccoons, rabbits, small dogs or cats. It’s been said that there’s nests on Vasco Road and in the Vaqueros Reservoir.

2013-10-17 16.40.19  2013-10-17 16.40.17  2013-10-17 16.40.06

Spiders Inside Homes

These mild fall temperatures may be good news for spiders, but bad news for arachnophobes. The annual migration of crawling spiders into our homes has started and may continue for a while longer than normal as species come inside our homes to mate.

Normally male spiders face a race to find a mate before cold weather kills them off. They move into sheltered areas like garden sheds and human homes. Spiders in your bath are normally males who are trapped having fallen off the walls while looking for a female to mate with.

We can expect to see these spiders in our homes:

Large adult wolf spider    Spider2

Spider    Spider1