DIY vs. Professional: Why It Pays to Go With the Experts

A pest control expert spraying chemicals to deter pests outdoors

If you’ve encountered pests in your home or business, including ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, or rodents, you want to eliminate them immediately. However, as with any problem, household pests will only become more significant if you ignore the situation.

When you have a pest infestation, you may wonder whether it’s better to try DIY pest control or hire expert pest management services. Of course, if you’re not already taking action by having a pest control service spray outside your property, it’s more likely they’ll find their way into your space. Homeowners can complete many DIY projects effectively, but a pest infestation requires expert services.

Home and business owners shouldn’t go the DIY route to eliminate pests from their properties. At Bust-a-Bug Pest Management, we offer expert pest control services, including residential pest control in Brentwood, CA. With our expert pest management services, we can restore your peace of mind quickly and safely. 

DIY Pest Control vs. Expert Pest Management Services

DIY or hire? Regarding DIY pest control or expert pest management services, there are many good reasons to hire a pro to handle your pest problems. 

The main issue with DIY pest control is that it doesn’t effectively treat the cause of the problem. When you use pest control products or catch something in a trap you bought at the supermarket, you only focus on the immediate threat. However, a professional pest control service will not only attack the pests you see, but they’ll also discover the ones you don’t see. The main benefit of hiring a professional is their knowledge and experience with each type of pest. 

Experts from a pest control company can pinpoint precisely where and why pests invade your property. So whether they’re following the trail of pet food or have discovered an opening in your crawl space, a professional exterminator can pinpoint the cause. 

Reasons to Hire Expert Pest Management Services

Hiring expert pest management services is the best bet for effectively solving the problem when encountering pests in your home or business. There are many reasons to hire a professional pest control company, including the following:

Better Results

Most professional pest control companies use treatment methods unavailable to the general public. For example, if you spray a bed bug with a chemical meant for ants, it’s unlikely that you’ll get excellent results. However, professionals know which chemicals are meant for specific pests, which is a significant advantage they provide in comparison to DIY pest attempts. 


When a professional handles your pest control, you don’t have to worry about purchasing and storing chemicals, maintaining equipment, or buying more products when needed. With a professional company providing expert pest management services, you won’t have to worry about any hassles. 


In addition to convenience, including saving money on purchasing pest control products, experts offer the added benefit of safety. For example, if your pest control project involves chemicals or pesticides, you won’t have to worry about children or pets discovering these treatment accessories. Furthermore, a professional pest control specialist will alleviate any worries about improperly applying the sprays or keeping your children and pets safe from harmful chemicals. 

Go With the Experts at Bust-A-Bug Pest Management!

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or have a pest infestation after completing home repairs, our team of experts can clear your property of any unwanted invaders. Since opening our doors in 2000, we have earned the trust of countless home and business owners in the area. 

If you need Bay Area spider control for your home or have a bed bug infestation in your apartment complex, you can rely on our professional extermination services for excellent results. Contact us today to schedule our expert pest management services!