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Gopher Control Services in Contra Costa County

Are gophers attacking the yard and destroying your gardens every year? While gophers are cute little things, being cute isn’t going to protect your plants. When these rodents do their damage — creating large holes wherever they see fit — it can feel like a helpless situation. But did you know that you might have one of the top gopher control companies right in your backyard?

At Bust-A-Bug, we are the solution for gophers damaging homeowners’ yards and properties year-round. We know just how annoying these little pests can be, and the last thing you want to do is let them continue to do their dirty work. Contacting our gopher control services in Contra Costa County gets homeowners one step closer to cleansing their yards of these annoying rodents. Are other pests taking aim at your yard?

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Who Do We Serve?

If your search for gopher control services in Contra Costa County has been unsuccessful, you don’t have to go much further! Bust-A-Bug is the premier gopher exterminator service in the following areas of California:

What to Expect From Gopher Abatement Services

One thing that makes us one of the top gopher control companies is that
our exterminators know exactly what gophers are up to. From active
feeding spots to differences in moving routes. Our gopher abatement
services can identify the location of these little rascals and get rid
of them quickly.

There’s nothing permanent to prevent them from coming back but if they
do our exterminators will get rid of them fast. Here’s what to expect
from our specialists when you give us a call.

  • Inspections – Before setting up a plan, a gopher exterminator will
    outline your yard and track their movements to gauge where to set up
    their trap.
  • Gopher Baits and Traps – Once we find where those gophers may be
    resting, it’s time to set up the traps. With expertise, we place traps
    in tunnels and locations gophers travel. We also place gopher bait
    inside the tunnels, too.
  • Prevention and Repellant – From years of experience we know that
    there’s nothing permanent you can do to keep gophers away from your
    yard. We also know that repellent products work for a short time. Both
    prevention and repellent can be very expensive in the long run. It’s
    best to call our gopher experts as soon as you see signs to eliminate
    the gophers ASAP and prevent yard landscape damage.

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Why You Need a Gopher Removal Service

Gophers are herbivores that eat plants, shrubs, and anything else you’d probably plant in your yard or garden. While you can try to eliminate them with DIY methods, turning to a professional gopher removal service is likely your best bet. Gophers are very smart animals. They know what they’re doing, and the whole reason they build tunnels is for ease of access and security. Without knowledge of their habits and movements, it can be difficult to identify the best locations to place traps and other bait. Instead of wasting time and money, get started on your spring work by contacting our gopher control services in Contra Costa County and getting rid of these pests on time and in full!

What Signs Tell Me I Need Gopher Trapping Services?

Besides looking for the giant holes in the ground, there are a few other signs you may need gopher trapping services. Pay attention to these clues to determine your next steps, and don’t hesitate to contact our gopher control services in Contra Costa County if you’re unsure of how to proceed or need a further yard inspection.

  • Large dirt mounds in your yard
  • Damage vegetation — especially if they were recently grown or planted
  • Damaged utilities (sprinkles, cables, and drip lines)
  • Open a tunnel system. If gophers are present, they will close the hole in a day or two

Contact the Top Gopher Pest Control Company in California and Get Rid of Those Pests!

Whether it’s annoying rats or frustrating little gophers, Bust-A-Bug has all the tips and tricks to fight them off. Our gopher pest control pros are the experts you need to take back your home and yard!

Homeowners in Martinez, San Ramon, Moraga, Concord, Danville, Brentwood, Oakley, Walnut Creek, and Alamo with gopher problems should contact us today! We also serve residents in Antioch, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Orinda, Discovery Bay, Diablo, Blackhawk, Clayton, and Pacheco.

Nothing is stopping you from letting us exterminate those gophers once and for all. Give our gopher control services in Contra Costa County a call today and discover how we’ve helped make your neighbors happy for years!