Mole Pest Control

Professional & Effective Mole Control Services in Contra Costa County

At Bust-A-Bug, we provide professional and effective mole control services in Contra Costa County. Our team of experienced exterminators can help you get rid of moles quickly and safely without causing any damage to your property. We use the latest products and techniques to ensure that moles are eradicated from your property.

Mole infestations can have large numbers of moles. A large mole population on your property can cause extensive damage. Generally considered a pest in most settings, a mole infestation can wreak havoc on landscaping and your lawn. Mole mounds and mole tunnels can also be a tripping hazard for you and your loved ones. It may seem impossible to get rid of moles, but with Bust-A-Bug, we handle any existing mole problem you have.

Our mole control services in Contra Costa County are designed to be both effective and environmentally friendly. Our team of expert exterminators takes extra precautions to ensure that there’s no harm to the environment when dealing with moles. Our mole bait targets the Broad-footed mole, Townsend’s mole, and the Coast mole (most common).

With Bust-A-Bug’s mole control services, you can stop the annoyance and reclaim your yard. Contact our exterminators today to get rid of moles in your area and enjoy your outdoor space again.

Trust the Mole Control Experts

Expertise & Experience

When it comes to dealing with moles, knowledge is key. You need an expert who knows how to identify the most recent signs of a mole population and prepare a plan to eliminate them safely. At Bust-A-Bug, our team of experts has years of experience dealing with even the toughest mole infestations, so we know just what to do to get rid of those pesky critters!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Bust-A-Bug, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and make sure that each job we do meets our high standards of excellence. Not only do we guarantee that our mole control services in Contra Costa County are done on time and on budget – but we also back up our work by providing you with a full satisfaction guarantee during your service agreement. That means if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll make it right!                           

Effective Solutions

At Bust-A-Bug, we understand that every situation is unique and requires its own individualized solution. That’s why we create tailored plans to fit each customer’s specific needs. We use mole baits to safely eliminate moles from your property while protecting both people and animals from harm. 


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Why Choose Professional Mole Control Services From Bust-A-Bug?

Quick Results

Bust-A-Bug provides fast and effective mole control services that will thoroughly address the mole population on your property.


When looking for a company to provide mole control services in Contra Costa County look for a local provider that understands the nuances of the climate and environment in your region. With the help of Bust-A-Bug, you can be assured that we handle mole infestations of any severity.


Mole’s natural foods are earthworms, small insects, and grubs. It can be very expensive to eliminate all these food sources from your yard. It is very difficult to prevent moles from entering your yard. The best prevention method is to reduce moisture from the ground to limit earthworm activity, maintain landscaped elements, eliminate debris piles, and remove white grubs from your yard to reduce the chances of a new infestation or recurring problem.


Elimination of Problem Moles

Our mole control services in Contra Costa County can effectively eliminate existing problem moles by controlling the current population.

Protection of Property

With proper mole control methods in place on your property, you can protect the integrity of your lawns and gardens from damage caused by tunneling or digging from these pests, which can be costly to repair otherwise.

Improved Aesthetic

Unchecked mole activity on your lawns or gardens can result in unsightly raised ridges running throughout the area due to their digging habits; however, with mole control, these ridges can be prevented, leaving behind a tidy-looking yard that is free of any visible signs of pest activity.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that all possible steps have been taken to protect your property from further damage caused by these pests provides peace of mind knowing that everything is being done correctly to eliminate any potential problems.

Mole Control FAQs

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

If you’re looking for the quickest and most effective way to get rid of moles in your yard, professional mole control is the answer. Let the professionals get rid of your mole problems in your yard.

Contact Bust-A-Bug Today for Reliable Mole Control Services in Contra Costa County

If mole control is a problem on your property, don’t wait any longer to call Bust-A-Bug today. Their team of experienced professionals can provide mole control solutions that will help you keep these mischievous animals off your property. With just one call, you can trust that they will do whatever it takes to keep your property safe and mole free. Whether you have mole mounds, tunnels, or other mole damage, Bust-A-Bug has an effective solution for you, so be sure to contact them as soon as possible and say goodbye to your mole problem forever. Don’t let moles ruin your property! Contact Bust-A-Bug for fast and reliable mole control services in Contra Costa County today!