Mice Pest Control

Mouse Control Services in Contra Costa County

Mice infestations are a homeowner’s worst fear. Many residents react
differently; some feel extreme anxiety, while others break down walls
trying to find every last rodent. Either way, hearing those nibbling and
squealing noises are never a good sign, especially not when they’re
coming from basement floors or inside bathroom walls.

Take a deep breath. Access to quality mice exterminators is as easy as a
phone call to Bust-A-Bug! Our rodent control services in Contra Costa
County ensure homeowners get rid of mice and rats from their
properties. Remember: If the rodents come back, so do we!

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Who Do We Serve?

If your search for mouse control services in Contra Costa County has only led you to a few traps, your search has now come to an end. With Bust-A-Bug, homeowners in the following areas can benefit from our mouse treatments and mouse removal services:

What to expect From Mouse Abatement Services

Have you ever thought about what exterminators do to get rid of a mouse infestation? With some pro tricks and tips, our mouse control services in Contra Costa County have a few foolproof ways to get rid of these annoying pests. Let’s take a look into our mouse abatement services and how we do what we do.

  • Entry Points – We start by locating any potential entry points. Mice lose heat quickly and in the colder months they are looking for a warm home. Their bodies can detect the smallest change in temperature. They are constantly looking for any small breeze coming from inside the house and once they find it they will chew their way in and easily access your home. Finding these small air movements are very important.
  • Strategy –Placing mouse treatment and traps in strategic locations
    is the name of the game. Our exterminators know the most common sites mice will be. Mice typically reside close to their entry and exit
    points, and most traps will be located in these areas.
  • One-Time Isn’t Always Enough – Extermination isn’t always a one-time process. Sometimes you might need a few extra visits to eliminate a large population. Females can give birth up to 6 times yearly with as many as 12 mice! Getting rid of that large of a population takes time, skill, and patience.

Exclusion, or “mice-proofing,” is provided to our customers upon request. It includes a visual inspection of the house foundation and neighboring fences. Proofing is highly recommended to help reduce mice activity in the long run. Not all homes will be capable of being mice proofed, so an inspection will let us know what we can do. If a rodent roof inspection is desired, please mention it. We charge a flat rate of $150 for roof inspections.

Once the inspection is complete, our customers are given a verbal or written report of what needs fixing. For side doors to the garage or garage doors or weather stripping that require fixing, we recommend that the homeowner call a handyman who can do the work. Other smaller holes can be fixed by our technicians for a small fee.


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How Mice Exterminators Can Improve Your Health

Like rats, mice and their parasites transmit many diseases, some of which are quite serious. Mice transmit hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis; their parasites can transmit even more diseases, such as Lyme disease, tapeworms, murine typhus, and plague.

Because of their curiosity and small size, mice tend to come closer to humans than rats. Mice are often found in kitchen cabinets, contaminating food and utensils with their saliva, urine, and droppings. Rats are more cautious than mice and more likely to keep their distance, and their larger size restricts their travel.

In homes, mice infestations also create a fire hazard when they gnaw on electrical power lines. Mice and other rodents are responsible for thousands of electrical fires of unknown origins yearly due to mice chewing through insulation and exposing the conductors. They can also cause internet and network wiring, doorbell, and heating and cooling thermostat failures when they gnaw through those wires.

In comes the mice pest control pros!! By getting rid of these pests, our mouse control services in Contra Costa County protect your home, family, and food. Without warning, mice can do more damage than you think. Our mouse removal services dig deep to determine the extent of the damage, clean the affected areas, and prevent mice from roaming ever again.

Looking for Mole Control Services?

Just as dangerous as mice are moles, those annoying pests that make hills and tunnels in your yard. Moles can be responsible for passageways that allow mice and other rodents to enter, in addition to the damage and danger they present to your yard. If you’re looking for quality mole control services, the mouse control experts at Bust-A-Bug are here to help. We’ll set mole traps, provide mole bait, and mole repellents to get rid of and protect against those earthbound pests. Contact us today, and we’ll explore your yard for the presence of moles.

Enjoy Local Mouse Control Services You Can Trust With Bust-A-Bug

Don’t let mice control problems be a thorn in your side. They won’t go away without a quality mouse exterminator, so what are you waiting for? Bust-A-Bug is here for you, and we’re only one call away for homeowners in many locations around California.

Are you a resident of Martinez, San Ramon, Moraga, Concord, Danville, Brentwood, Oakley, Walnut Creek, or Alamo? What about the locations of Antioch, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Orinda, Discovery Bay, Diablo, Blackhawk, Clayton, and Pacheco? These locations have one thing in common: they’re all eligible for our local mouse control and mouse abatement services, so be sure to reach out today!

Your mice control problems will only worsen if you sit on it. Contact Bust-A-Bug today and ask about our mouse control services in Contra Costa County!