How to Eliminate Cockroaches Efficiently

A cockroach on a toothbrush.

Ever found yourself in a late-night standoff with a cockroach skittering across your kitchen floor? Or perhaps you’ve had the unnerving experience of flipping on a bathroom light to find a roach scuttling for cover? If so, you’re not alone. These unwelcome house guests have an uncanny knack for turning up when least expected, causing […]

What Pests Hide in My Home During Winter and What Can I Do About Them?

A mouse hiding in a Christmas tree

As the winter chill sets in, we all love to cozy up indoors with a warm beverage and a good book. But did you know you might not be the only one seeking shelter in your home? That’s right. Winter also invites a variety of unwelcome guests into our homes — pests! Why Do Pests […]

Top Five Things That Attract Spiders in the House

A brown spider on a bed

Picture this: It’s late at night, you’re home alone, and suddenly – out of the corner of your eye – you spot a spider skittering across your living room floor. If this scenario sends shivers down your spine, you’re not alone. Spiders might be tiny, but they can significantly impact our comfort and peace of […]

How to Tell If Mice Are Living in Your Walls

A pest control expert pointing out a section of moldy drywall to a homeowner

Do you hear a faint squeaking noise coming from somewhere in your home and aren’t sure what it is? Unfortunately, you may have a mouse infestation living right inside your walls.

Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back?

A pest control expert uncovering bedbugs underneath a bed's fitted sheet

Bed bugs are notorious for causing sleepless nights, discomfort, and frustration among homeowners and business owners alike. These tiny, resilient pests have been a persistent problem for centuries, with their ability to survive and thrive in various environments. But after you’ve gone through the effort of eliminating them, why do bed bugs keep coming back? […]

7 Unusual Places Bed Bugs May Hide in Your Home

A person using a magnifying glass to look for bedbugs

No one wants to wake up in the morning to red, itchy spots all over their body, especially since this is often a sign of a pest infestation — and not just any pest, bed bugs! These little parasites are crafty and can often stay out of sight until the infestation becomes out of control. […]

DIY vs. Professional: Why It Pays to Go With the Experts

A pest control expert spraying chemicals to deter pests outdoors

If you’ve encountered pests in your home or business, including ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, or rodents, you want to eliminate them immediately. However, as with any problem, household pests will only become more significant if you ignore the situation.